26 April 2014

I have been fixing a few bugs in MuseScore before, mostly to do with score parts.

I have decided to switch to Linux for my GSoC project. There have been some difficulties, but my first build and launch has succeeded, so I think I am ready to begin.

Project Introduction

I have chosen to implement a more capable selection facilty. I will be implementing this feature with Nicolas Froment’s guidance.

For the first part of the project, my goal is to unify the highlighting of of items that are selected. I have noticed that a bar selection highlights different things compared to when selected using a rectangle select. For the first few weeks, I will find a middle ground and fix these issues.

The second part of the project will consist of designing and implementing a more capable selection facility. As of now, it is quite hard to select only some elements in the score. Implementing a way to choose what items the selection tools affects will solve the problem.

In the following weeks I will be looking testing and reporting any issues I see with the selections.

I frequently sit at the musescore irc channel, so if you have any questions with the project, feel free to ask. My irc nick is bartlomiej_lewan.